About Me

So, hello!!

I am Areta. I am the one who own this blog, the one that you read at the moment. Some of it might be serious, and the rests are just my own random thoughts.

Writing is my sanctuary when some things are unsaid… Left unspoken… So I write them down here…

I used to work as a Creative at national television station, after I got married I decided to quit and committed as a full time housewife. Now in between doing house chores, I still manage to work as a merchandiser for a band named Gugun Blues Shelter. Have a huge passion for music, books, traveling and indulging good food.  I hope you do really enjoy this blog, take a good point of it, but if you find it not interesting, would you please simply close your browser?

If you need something, or you might wanna ask anything about everything related to this blog please send your email to:


Thank you… I hope you enjoy WORLD OF MY OWN!


One thought on “About Me

  1. Ilung says:

    Hi mba Reta,

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