He Turns 26!

Happy birthday, Pandu Nugraha!!!

Yippie!!! Last Wednesday was Pandu’s 26th birthday.. And as usual, as I did every year, till the last second to his birthday I never prepare something special.. Hahahaha.. Yet a present or a surprise. Until last Monday just acrossed in my mind that he needs a new watch since he lost one 2 years ago.. Actually I know what type of watch he really want to have, exactly the same as the lost one.. I have asked him to buy another brand but all he said was “Ngga, aku cuma mau beli yang persis sama kayak yang ilang..” so, there you go.. In the other hand it makes me easier hihihihi..

Knowing what he wants exactly doesn’t mean I prepare those stuff far far away.. Not! I just ordered the thing on Monday to my officemate hahahah and it came on Tuesday night :D. Surprise??? No, we never do such a thing before on each other’s birthday, not even saying birthday greetings right on 12am. Some other year we prefer to go sleep rather than wake up until midnight just to say happy birthday! Weird enough? Yes! We know that we are not a romantic couple, and we never try to be one.. That’s just SO NOT US.. Hihihihi 😀

The other thing that came to my mind was I think I could make a presence at his office on the day, no meeting and deadline for me that day. So I texted his officemate to hand a help that I am going to be there on Wed. What would I do there? Please stay away from a surprise with a cake and candles.. No, Pandu would mad at me if I do such thing.. Hahahaha, once he said that it’s not important to blowing a candle at this stage of age.. So, I won’t buy a cake though. I just wanna be there on his special day (though he never think that birthday is a special day). After a long talk with Ismed (Pandu’s officemate) I decided to be the at lunch time. 

So I went to Senayan City at lunch time and make an appointment with Ismed and Meta at Debenhams before we go to foodcourt. Ismed told me that the graphic team gonna have lunch there. I came to the foodcourt just in time Pandu queued at KFC to treat his friends, it took some time up to about 20minutes, I was already waiting. So when Pandu finally came to the table, here it is.. Surprise!!! He was like surprised and his facial expression was like “How come on this earth that you are here now?” Hahahahaha.. I know he never thought that I’ll be there, like never before.. Like the other birthday moment, I straightly gave him the present and push him to open it just because I wanna know his reactions.. So there he was, open up the wrap and.. “Hah??? Ini jam aku yang ilang” if I can captured his expressions, it was like he won a billion dollars on a quiz, then I know he was totally happy..

He got another surprise from the graphic team, a new jacket.. Why jacket? Because the team hate his super ugly not-proper-enough-yet-wearable-old-jacket he had. Hahahahaha.. It was blue and suits him properly.. He just couldn’t hide his happiness, and at least I know that it was one of his happiest day.. Ever.. Hihihih 😀

Thank you Ismed, Meta, Akbar for your help.. Thank you Mas Patrick, Afika, Edo, Taufan and Karina for your presence.. Thank you Graphic Team + Wulan for the birthday gift, and thank you everyone for the greetings and the prayer.. May God bless you all..

Once again, happiest birthday love.. You are 26 now, just being who you are.. Be better, be wiser.. There are tons of words that I want to say, but you know deep down inside, all the prayer goes to you… To us.. To our future..  This might be your last birthday as a single man, coz for the rest of your life starting next year you’re gonna have it with me.. Hahahaha 😀 I love you..







Quarter Life Happiness

Hello 25!!!

My gosh.. Gils ya ngga kerasa udah 25 aja taunya.. Kayaknya baru kemaren posting ulang tahun ke-23 deh, kok sekarang udah 25 ya??? Hihihihi.. Kalo kata orang menginjak umur 25 itu quarter life crisis, but I called it quarter life happiness.. Happy karena akhirnya Alhamdulillah bisa menginjak umur 25, and I think there’s so much to do within this year.. Insya Allah..

Ulang taun never been being something important to celebrate in my life, kalaupun pernah, itu buat seru-seruan aja.. Ngga pernah juga mikirin nanti mau ngerayain dimana.. Nope, never. Apalagi dengan umur yang oh-yes-25-ya-sekarang boro-boro mikirin mau apa, yang ada akika sekong bok.. Jadi ulang taunnya ala nenek-nenek sambil batuk. Well, ngga masalah sih sebenernya.. Even emak gue aja ngga inget gue ulang taun.. Hahahaha emang dasar bukan keluarga manis yang suka ngucapin “Happy birthday, I love you bla bla bla..” you won’t ever hear it from my family.. Ever!!! Hehehehe 😀

Oh yes, hari itu Pandu Nugraha manits sekali.. Karena dengan sukarela dan atas inisiatif sendiri tanpa harus disuruh dan dipancing dia berangkat ke Bogor pake kereta.. Mungkin karena lebih kasian ngeliat gue sekong daripada gue ulang taun.. Hahahahaha 😀 makin lengkap yee, udah mah keluarga lempeng, ini pacar lebih lempeng lagi.. Ngga akan deh ya ada yang namanya surprise jam 12 malem dateng ke rumah bawa kue and all those sweet stuff.. Ngga akan! Kita mah mendingan tidur.. Hahahahaha.. Mana keretanya AC-nya mati pulak pas ke Bogor katanya. Ih, manis banget ini laki tumbenan.. Kado??? Ngga, ngga bawa.. Nyiahahahahahaha :)))))))))))

Yaudin, akhirnya hari itu ditutup dengan makan bareng sekeluarga pleus bapak Pandu Nugraha di restoran Rumah Air, mana ujan pulak.. Yuuuuuuuk.. Tapi ya bersyukur aja yah masih bisa kumpul bareng keluarga di umur yang akhirnya 25 ini.. Doanya si Pandu cuma satu doang sih, semoga ini ulang taun terakhir dengan status pacar… Ngahahahahahahah Amiiin aja gw mah yah.. Makasih lho Mama, Abah, Abang, Tican, Pandu dan semuanyah.. See you in 26! Gonna be better next year, Insya Allah 🙂

Bonjour 24!

Bonjour 24!

Huaaaaaaaaaaaaa… 24 nih sekarang? Beneran? Ga bisa kurang lagi nih? Ah, sudahlah… Terima aja kenyataan yang mungkin terdengar pahit ini. Hahahahahaha… Yupp! Bener, umur gue sekarang udah 24, tepatnya hari Jumat lalu tanggal 2 Maret. Yang pertama ngucapin kebetulan si anak gendut Pandu Nugraha by phone. No surprise that night, everything went like the other night. Yang beda cuma ngucapin lewat telepon, karena biasanya kita ngucapin by bbm yang dibaca pas bangun subuh. Malem itu masih teleponan, jadi by phone… Hehehehe 😀

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